CDH Consulting, LLC
CDH Consulting, LLC

CDH Consulting, LLC

CDH Consulting is a management consulting firm providing solutions designed to improve leadership team performance.

About Us

Our Experience

C. David Hiller is a former EVP & COO  from the INC. 5000 and a former SVP & GM in the Fortune 500, bringing years of leadership experience to his engagements.  

David holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our Approach

Our approach is integrated.  That is, we are part of the team, work with your team, and win together.

CDH Consulting leverages operational frameworks which reduce variability in the management process and at the same time increase visibility across the management team.  

The end goal is improved leadership team execution.


We believe in 3 things:

1) Focusing on less and accomplishing more.  We will find the leverage points in your organization - eliminating the noise and allowing the company to focus on its true priorities.

2) Ownership, Employees, and Customers are a delicate balance - we will drive towards the optimal balance point ensuring these critical groups win together.

3) People drive success in business.   The purpose and culture of your organization will determine your team's success.



Mark B.

True business performance consulting is very rare, why?  Simple, it requires real business experience combined with heart.  David has both in a big way which is VERY RARE! 

Consultants are great at giving you extensive documentation and ideas to implement to improve your business.  David does not give you that, he does the work and is with you side by side actually implementing dynamic process improvement, VERY RARE!

Brian W.


I want you to know that I feel truly blessed and lucky to have you on the team. You have brought so much to the table and I am anxious to see the seeds grow. You are worth every penny you are charging us! Your dedication goes above and beyond what I could ever ask for!!

David F.


We are very happy to have included David on our team!  He has helped us organize and plan to help us grow to the next level.

David’s expertise on business culture, organization, and financial planning are immeasurable.  I highly recommend David’s personalized services for any business of any size.

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